For Cyclists who want to get to the next level.

The club was formed in 2008 as a result of like-minded local cyclists looking for a way of developing their own ability in the company of others. West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club was named Club of the Year in Scottish Cycling’s all-star Roll of Honour ceremony in February 2018 and awarded the Tom Groom Trophy for National Clarion 2017 Section of the year in March 2018.

The aim of the club is to help cyclists plan and reach their own goals through training with, and seeking advice and support from fellow club members. 

On Saturdays we have club runs leaving from Xcite Linlithgow Leisure Centre and the Xcite East Calder Sports Centre. We encourage all aspect of cycling with many members taking part in our club events and organised events like Sportives, Road racing, Time Trials, Audax, Track and Cyclo Cross.

The club is affiliated to the Scottish Cycling Union and a section of the National Clarion.

In 2018 there are over 250 members, including 80 youth members, with 20% of the senior club women.


A Word document containing our constitution can be downloaded here. 

Boots and Spurs, what does that mean?

Traditionally Clarion riders greet each other by saying “Boots!” and respond by saying “Spurs!” It comes from when Clarion newspaper editor Robert Blatchford, used to sit in the barracks late at night telling stories between friends…to make sure their listeners were still awake, the storyteller would say ‘Boots!’ those stil awake would reply ‘Spurs!’, the story would continue. ‘Boots and Spurs’ continues to be the Clarion call to this day.

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