How to enter a Crit Race


Crit racing or circuit racing takes place on closed, traffic free circuits, it’s one of the most popular forms of cycle sport and is open to all youth riders. There is a friendly atmosphere at the races and almost anyone is willing to help you out with any issues on the day.

1. Enter a race

Take a look at the British Cycling calendar for upcoming events to enter or speak to one of the clubs’s coaches about any local races. Most races take place in the Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

2. Get a race license

You need a license to race in open events. You can either buy a day-license when you sign on, youth riders are charged £1.50. Or, you can become a member of British Cycling and get a race license for free (Membership is £9 for under 12s or £15 for under 16s). (See British Cycling website )

After your first race it’s a good idea to become a member as it cuts down on pre-race hassle.

2. Age categories

British Cycling has 5 youth age categories for racing. Each age category will have different gear restrictions for the bikes and have different length races.


• Youth E Under 8 born in 2008 or later

Until 31st December of year in which 8th birthday falls

• Youth D Under 10 born in 2006 or 2007

From 1st Jan of year in which 9th birthday falls to 31st December of year in which 10th birthday falls

• Youth C Under 12 born in 2004 or 2005

From 1st Jan of year in which 11th birthday falls to 31st December of year in which 12th birthday falls

• Youth B Under 14 born in 2002 or 2003

From 1st Jan of year in which 13th birthday falls to 31st December of year in which 14th birthday falls (or upgraded from Youth C).

• Youth A Under 16 born in 2000 or 2001

From 1st Jan of year in which 15th birthday falls to 31st December of year in which 16th birthday falls (or upgraded from Youth B).


1. Race bag

Pack a race bag with helmet, shoes, gloves, appropriate kit, snacks, drink, licence, tools, spare inner tubes. Have a change of warm clothing for after the race and if it’s cold keep your joints covered.

2. Arrival

Arrive about an hour before your race starts so you have time to sign on, warm up, practice on the course and get to the start line

3.Before you ride


A. Gear check

The bike will have it’s gear restricted depending on the rider’s age

DSCF5154B. Gear check ticket

The rider will be given a ticket to prove the bike has been checked, this is handed over at sign on.


C. Sign on

• Some events will be pre-entry only, others will allow you to enter and pay on the day.

• Hand over your gear check ticket

• Hand in your license

• Sign on the entry sheet

• Get your race number


D. Pin on your numbers on your back

Make sure you follow the race organiser’s instructions


E. Warm up

This is your chance to check out the circuit, get your body ready for the race and discuss tactics with your pals.


F. The race

Get to the start with plenty of time.

• If it’s cold wear a jacket until the last few minutes.

•Listen to the Commissaire’s instructions

•Enjoy the race

4. After the race

• Warm down

• Recover from your race with a snack and a drink

• Return your number – this is very important

• Pick up your license

• Cheer on your team mates if you are staying to watch

• Thank the organiser

• Don’t leave anything behind

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