10 TT Series


The 10TT series is held over 10 races with a summer break. Each week, 20 points will be awarded to the winner, down to 1 point for 20th place. There are three trophies awarded, one for the women’s competition, one for the men’s competition and one for the junior competition. The winner of each series will be the person with the most points accumulated including bonus points.

A competitors’ best 7 results out of the 10 races will be used to decide final league positions.

A bonus points scheme rewards those who come out each week, regardless of weather, work/family commitments and embody the spirit of the Clarion.

1. Riders that participate in 3 of the races will earn an additional 5 points

2. Riders that participate in 6 of the races will earn an additional 10 points.

3. Riders that participate in 9 races and volunteer as timekeeper/pusher-off will receive 20 points

*Points will be added to the rides accumulated points at the end of the seasons*

**a maximum of 20 points will be awarded to each rider**


Download Timekeeping instructions

To run the series we require two volunteers each week, one timekeeper and one pusher off, neither job is terribly difficult and if you’ve not done it before, instructions will be given and there will be plenty people there to keep you right. If you’re going to race in the series then you should try to volunteer at least once throughout the series.  When you volunteer you will be awarded series points so that you don’t lose out. This is a club event and its success depends on your contribution.

Please post up On the forum to volunteer for specific dates. We would like these roles to be filled ASAP or at least two weeks in advance so that we can organise the handover of the TT equipment bag to the next set of volunteers each Thursday evening wherever possible.


Race HQ: Blackridge train station car park. Plenty of space and nearly all the commuters should have gone for those driving over.

Sign on time: 1900-1915

Start time: 1930

Entry fee: £1

Riders set off at 1 minute intervals.

Map: Click for route

The marshalls can choose to decline any registration after this time. Faster riders should take later start times (ie: higher race numbers) when signing in – no false modesty!

Course summary: start just past bus stop on LHS opposite football pitches in Blackridge. Continue thru village on A89 then down towards Caldercruix. On entering Caldercruix do a 180 round the rbt then head back towards Blackridge.

Finish is just as you hit the 30 sign.

After passing through the finish line, carry on back to the station where a results will be announced at the end.

The series is open to all first claim club members only.


Avoid turning any less that 100m from the start or finish.

You will be given a count-down and push-off at one minute intervals. Take care in joining the stream of traffic.

Take care on the Caldercruix roundabout – a 180 degree turn is a legal but unusual manoeuvre. Try to indicate clearly and focus on safety rather than speed in the turn.

When you pass the finish Avoid turning any less that 100m from the start or finish. Make your way back to the cemeteryfor results

Make sure you hand in your number


Risk Assessment: Download Excel file

All riders should fully familiarise themselves with the risk assessment. As with any event, your personal safety is of paramount importance and you should not compromise this in order to “do a time”. Not only will this ensure you’re able to take part each week, but it also maintains the reputation of the club itself.

The course has been ridden recently and there are now no roadworks or obstacles that causes concern which is why we’re switching back to the original route.


1. Check the forum regularly! Any force major announcements will be posted on the forum before 1700 on race day.

2. Any cake donations on any night greatly appreciated

3. Enjoy yourself!


1. Read the risk assessment provided with care, TBA

2. Consider the risks of using tri-bars or similar in built-up areas, notably the centre of Blackridge.

3. Remember that you are responsible both for your own health, your own safety and the road-worthiness of your own bike

4. Overtake other participants with due consideration and attention to the safety of all road users

5. Follow instructions given by marshalls, without question, as long as it is safe and legal to do so.

6. Remember that marshalls are kindly volunteering their time to you and the club and that we are all ambassadors for the club on these events. Complaints may get the TT shut down.

7. Stay safe and have fun.

8. Hand in your numbers after the race.

9. Take care when passing the two junctions at Threemiletown


1. Park cars in the layby unless you are a marshall and/or are carrying heavy equipment for the TT.

2. Turn any less that 100m from the start or finish.

3. Put yourself or any other road user at risk to ‘get a time’. This is a training event. On no account should any rider endanger themselves or others in the pursuit of a time. Please remember that this is predominantly a 60mph limit road, and riders must obey the traffic laws and Highway Code at all times.

4. Break the law and/or the Highway Code. The roads are not closed and we are all subject to the law. Complaints about a rider in this respect may lead to disqualification, exclusion from some or all future club events and, in severe cases, exclusion from the club itself.

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