Youth Section Attendance Policy

With a large waiting list of young riders keen to get into the club, the Youth Section has operated an attendance policy since 2014 to try to ensure fairness to all involved. We ask that all riders maintain an attendance rate of at least 65% to maintain their place. Also, if any rider misses 3 sessions in a row without notifying the sign-on team or their coach as to why, their place will be reviewed. Absence to attend racing, cluster sessions, RACE sessions, track accreditation sessions, etc does not count towards these totals, so please remember to let us know if this applies to your rider!

We recognise, of course, that there are any number of other valid reasons why kids can’t attend a session, and these will be taken into account when logging attendance, which will be considered at the coaches’ discretion. Hopefully, however, you and your rider will understand and support the need to maintain an active membership for the club so that it can continue to grow. Our coaching sessions are also structured in linked blocks, so a good attendance will benefit the rider’s development. To allow us to monitor attendance accurately, please remember to sign your rider in and out for every session, and please, where possible, notify the sign-on team of any known absences in advance.

As ever, if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us on

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